Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello everyone!

Blog update sent from Kennedy on Saturday night. They are currently riding through the rockies and are planning to arrive in Missoula, MT sometime Tuesday!

This is the first night I have actually had the energy to write a blog. Let me
give you a quick run down of the past week. First two days we moved slower than
turtles. We were sore, a little out of shape, and still adjusting to getting up
early and going to bed late. However we are finally on a schedule that works.
Yesterday we were able to wake up at 5:30 am after sleeping in the backyard of
the Walla Walla Fire Department. We had a nice bowl of oatmeal (which we eat
every morning) then hit the road. Our goal was to ride 40 miles before lunch,
which we accomplished! We had a quick lunch on the road (our delicious peanut
butter and jellies) then continued biking. We had to climb a mountain and
getting to the top of the summit was probably the best feeling ever. We had a 5
mile descent that was a blast then road another 20 miles downhill. We made it to
Lewiston, Idaho with a total of 106 miles!! Needless to say we all hopped in the
shower   (something we rarely do) then went straight to bed. It was the best
nights sleep I have ever had. The next morning we road 60 miles to give
ourselves a little break. Tomorrow we are getting ready to start our ride up the
Rockies. It will be extremely challenging but the team dynamic we have developed
has really helped us all get past our tough days. I am a little sore but
enjoying every minute crossing America. Please continue to donate. I love to see
all the support while I am riding, it gives me an extra boost, which I will need
for when we climb the Rockies.

You can donate at
So far my journey has been amazing. Every day one of my fellow riders surprises
me with what they are capable of doing and I even surprise myself. I can't wait
to make it past the Rockies!!

Talk to you all soon :)

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