Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to master the casual fall...

The team and I have really bonded. Everyone is amazing and they all work really
hard. There are only a few times when we take awhile to pack up our bikes with
the food, mainly because it really does weigh your bike down so no one wants to
carry it. But now that we have a great routine working we are having a blast.

We have a few inside jokes. The one about me is that I fall every day off my
bike. Since day one ( we are on day 13) I have fallen.

Descriptions of falls and recoveries:
Day 1: I was biking through Astoria, Oregon and there is this giant bridge
connecting Oregon and Washington. I was observing the bridge and trying to
figure out how cars got onto the bridge. I turned my head back a little and
found the ramp, but at the same time I hit a wood post in the middle of the
path. I flipped over my handle bars and skidded along the side walk. My bike was
stuck on the wooden post and the front tire was spinning. I just sat there for a
second then burst into laughter. It was like a scene straight out of a movie. I
picked up my bike, straightened the handled bars, and proceeded on. My bruises
have just now begun to fade. It was by far my best fall.

Day 10: I rear ended a kid in front of me because I was drafting a little too
close. I ended up falling into a little ditch but hopped back on because I was
worried someone might see.

This morning: I was a little tired and kind of cranky so I flung myself into the
parking lot a little too aggressively. Out of karma, I'm sure, I went to take my
feet out of the clips and got stuck and fell over. I was still cranky so I just
let my bike lay there and went inside to grab my coffee.

What I call the "savior" fall:
We just named it today, but I have done it at least 4 times. When the group is
tired and trying to convince our leaders to take a break I do the "savior." what
happens is someone asks to stop, then when the leader says no I gently lean to
the right and fall over. Then the leaders know that we are really tired so we

My advice to everyone is not to fall, but if you are going to just let it
happen. Keep your hands on the handle bars to avoid broken arms. Unclip your top
foot and if you have time the bottom foot. Also remember to always wear a
helmet. Then just let it happen and bounce back up with a smile :)

Goodnight everyone! Hopefully tomorrow I have a day without falling.

P.S. one day I fell into a handicap sign at the Walmart- some people told me it
was a sign??


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