Monday, July 23, 2012

We Love to Ride


It is amazing how the community of cyclist are so friendly compared to other
activities. I have come to recognize that majority of bikers support other
bikers. While we are cruising down a street another biker will pass and honk to
show support. Or like yesterday, a group of cyclist joined us for our 75 mile

We heard about a group of cyclists that were just 10 miles ahead of us. We were
shocked when we caught up to them at a gas station in Reliance, South Dakota.
They were awesome!! Originally their group started with Leah, Ajamaria, and
Winston. They found Derick and Daniel who were riding together. They all decided
to continue across the country together. Then they found us! We aren't sure how
long we will stay together, but it was fun to ride in a giant pack of 14 people,
we took up the entire road.

It was cool to hear all their stories. Where they came from, how they met, how
long they had been riding for, or how it was their first time actually riding a
bike (like me). Talking to random people is my favorite part of the trip so far.
It is awesome to hear about people's lives and to take the time to get to know

Side note: My favorite person of the week to talk to was John Rogers from JRs
Bar. We camped in the backyard of his bar in Belvedere, South Dakota. He told me
a little about his life then took a nap in a dog bed on the stage by the bar. It
was funny.

Well that is about it for now. Talk to you all soon! Please continue to donate

Also feel free to send this on to anyone you know! I love strangers so I would
love to get to know them!

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