Thursday, July 26, 2012

How To Be A Polite Car

Everyone talks about proper biking etiquette, but what really needs to be talked
about is proper driving etiquette.

Drivers pretty please pay attention and take notes. Truck drivers- listen up
this is mainly for you!
When you see a biker on the side of the road turn a little to the left, do not
point the car at the biker! There are two types of honks, however only one is
appropriate. The two beep or more short honks are encouraged. It means that you
are supporting us! The lay on the horn long beep is not necessary. I understand
those crazy bikers that swerve into the lane sometimes and you have to honk, but
it is just scary when you lay on the horn and it could cause an accident with
the biker and the ground! The rumble strips are a bikers enemy as well as a
cars. So just think if you are on the rumble strip you might as well be running
the biker over-stay off it! Semi-trucks pay close attention! When I get tired I
like to fling my arms around, mainly because I am close to going crazy. When you
drive by and see bikers that look like they are trying to fly don't get too
close- it could cause a broken wing.
Also!! When there is a hill please don't go in the left lane to get around us.
It practically gives me a heart attack because you are putting your life as well
as another's in danger. Simply slow down! I promise wherever you headed is not
that important and it can wait for me to make it up the hill. If I am taking too
long then honk to make sure I didn't fall asleep- hills take me a long time!

Well thank you for taking notes! I can't wait to share the road!

P. S. you could donate your gas money at
and hop on a bike! While on your bike use the Charity Mile App! It donates 10
cents to Pencils of Promise for every mile you ride!

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