Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Slug and Bam Bam Take on America!

Hello everyone! My new nature name (long story, don't ask) is Slug. Mainly
because while biking to Portland we went through a forest. The ground was
covered in these giant slugs. I thought they were pretty cool because of how
slow they moved. It reminded me of myself. This whole time while biking I have
just wanted to slow down and really appreciate what I am seeing. Also I am
usually in the back trying to catch up with everyone else.

Bam Bam is my bikes name. I was telling my leader Julia about how I wanted to
name my kid onomatopoeia: which means a descriptive word that describes an
action. Hence my bike's name of Bam Bam because when I fall the noise would be

On to a more serious topic. We are currently sleeping at the Catholic Church in
Crow Agency, which is an Indian Reservation. When we pulled into town on our
bikes all the cars stopped and people were waving from all directions. It was as
if we were famous. Everyone was eager to help us and point us to a camp site. I
chose the church and I am glad I did. I met Sister Loretta at the front door and
she introduced me to Father Charlie. After moving into the Church gym we got a
tour of the Church. It was beautiful. I have never seen such detailed pictures.
All the Stations of the Cross were of Indians adorned in fabrics of symbolic
colors with translations of English and the native Crow language. Sister Loretta
told us some of the history and fun facts. We got to shower in her house and we
are doing laundry at the laundry mat in town. Kiana, Bryson and I are on laundry
duty while the others are making dinner. What we thought was going to be an
early night in bed has turned into a late night. Luckily we took an hour nap in
a parking lot next to the grocery store in Hardin MT.

All is well. I miss everyone and I will be sure to write more while traveling
through the adventurous state of South Dakota!

Keep donating!!

Xo Ken

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