Monday, July 23, 2012

The List of Random things...

July 14, 2012

As I lay in my tent at 7am after getting home from the Ice Cream Shop/Saloon at
1am I have been able to think of a few things I like and a few things I dislike.

Here we go

1. I don't like biking up mountains in the dark. I am always terrified a deer or
bear is going to hit me. Which would hurt a lot.

2. I haven't showered in 4 days, which oddly enough I enjoy very much. The way
peoples noses kind of twitch when I walk in the room is amusing.

3. I really enjoy ice cream!! I eat it almost every day. Last night we got ice
cream around midnight at the Deadwood Dicks Saloon. ( I apparently smelled so
bad that the owner kindly gave me $3 to go to the local recreation center to

4. I don't like conflict. We had a few group tiffs and they were just no fun.
However conflicts are solved and we are cruising again.

5. I like sleeping in random places. My tent is currently located on the local
bike shop owners lawn next to a gas station (which is a score because one I can
get my bike fixed and two I can use the gas station restroom!) My other favorite
places to set up camp were the parks that either said "no bikes" or "no
camping." The other random people's houses we stay at. As well as the Lowe's
parking lot. (by far the best because they opened at 6am so I got to use their
restroom and they were really confused when I walked in looking like a zombie!)

Mostly that sums up what I like and dislike. Added below is a quick list without
descriptions. Keep donating everyone! We are doing great. We just reached

Like: Subway, soap, sunglasses, bike shops, civilization, saloons, my bike
shorts, my tent, my tent buddy Kiana, the boys that copied me by getting
aviators Bryson and Alex, the people I meet, trying to use maps rather than gps,
biking thru Taco Bell asking where the bike shop is, and running to the nearest
gas station to avoid going to the bathroom in nature.

Dislikes: oatmeal, flat tires, getting two flats in one day, having to buy new
tires because they shredded, when I have gone 70 miles but still have 20 left,
my knee aches, my heavy bike, and bugs!

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