Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Across America Rides With the Wind!

"For the last two days we have been riding through the Columbia River George.  We have been hopping between the Oregon and Washington sides whenever we hear of a nice back road or town.  This morning we cycled through the historic Columbia River highway.  Most people don't use it anymore since the faster highway 84 was build.  It makes a wonderful cycling route.  There are great views of the gorge and lookout points with historic information signs all along it.  We enjoyed cycling down the loops of the old highway after a long climb. As we went further east we ran in the vast wind farming operation.  There are thousands and thousands of them.  The gorge is windy and thankfully it blows west to east.  It's eerily silent as we cycle full speed because we ride with the wind.  Yesterday we ran into Multnomah waterfall almost by accident.  The falls are high and graceful.  The water is mostly mist by the time it gets to the ground.  We are in Rufus, OR now.  Tomorrow we have a long stretch to Hermiston, OR.  Everything seems to work more smoothly the more time goes on.  We go more miles.  The highpoint today I believe was the ice cream.  We found a truck stop with more flavors than I have ever seen." -- Jabcob, Trip Leader

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