Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Night

We may be tired and a little sore. Our air mattresses have holes in them and our
tents smell gross. We haven't showered in six days, but we don't care. We are 63
miles away from New York City. After tomorrow we can rest our bodies and take a
few naps. We can sleep on mattresses in our own rooms and can shower everyday if
we want. However we will only get this one chance to feel the way we are going
to feel when we ride into our hotel. It will be a moment we will all remember
for the rest of our lives. A lot of the trip feels so long ago that we don't
remember every feeling of pain or joy that we have had, but the feeling we have
when we are done will be with us forever. I am so thankful to have had the
opportunity to go on this life changing journey. I am especially grateful for
the people that I have shared this journey with. We have had ups and downs,
literally on hills, but we have had a lot of fun times. We are having a nice
meal tonight, with a budget of $14! (usually it is $8) We are going to hit the
ground, wake up early, climb some more mountains (New York has so many
mountains!) and end in the city! See you all there :)

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