Monday, August 20, 2012

Across America Trek Reaches the Atlantic! 8/15/12

“This is our very last day of the trip. Today we will go on our last ride. We will cycle from Times Square to Coney Island about eighteen miles away. There we will have our last lunch of the trip and dip our tires into the Atlantic Ocean. This trip has changed the lives of everyone who took part. It was an epic adventure. We learned about the strength of the human body and the generosity of strangers. Just a few days ago a nice couple donated a bike tire and fifty dollars to our trip! Two days ago, on the thirteenth, we came into New York City on the George Washington Bridge and later checked into the city park hotel near Times Square. We had dinner at a nice Indian restaurant. Yesterday, on the fourteenth, we said farewell to three of our teens: Alex P., Alex G., and Peter. The rest of us explored the city for a day. Kennedy's parents came by for a surprise visit in the evening and took us out to dinner. We will have our last breakfast soon and head out for Coney Island. Julia's parents will join us for breakfast. Everyone says we need to ride the Ferris wheel. Some of us want to go to the arcade. It took most of the summer to cross the country. In some ways the trip went by very fast. It seemed just a few days ago we were riding through the Columbia River Gorge. In other ways it seemed long, but in a good way, as if we all decided to leave the rat race and become traveling gypsies for a portion of our lives. We will all soon get back into our regular lives knowing we had the best summer possible." -- Jacob, Trip Leader

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