Friday, August 3, 2012

Across America Trek is Getting Close! 8/3/12

"We can see Canada! We have to take a 1/2 mile ferry ride across the river but we will be there shortly. Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that today we'll be doing our 3000th mile! That is a lot of miles. We're getting close, only 9 more days of riding which is crazy. We went out for a large and tasty breakfast this morning at Coney Island Restaurant after camping behind the New Haven Fire Dept/Police Dept/City Hall. Yesterday we had a nice, relaxing day, we rode 37 miles to Kiana's grandparents' house where they had lots of pizza, a huge salad and ice cream sundaes for us. Yum. After lunch a few of us took luxurious naps while some people went on the paddle boat, some watched the Olympics and others read their books. We're looking forward to a successful border crossing, a few nice days of riding in Ontario, a trip to Niagara Falls and then 2 rest days in Buffalo before continuing on to NYC! Hope all is well back home!" - Julia, Trip Leader

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