Thursday, August 9, 2012

Across America Trek is Home! (well, home away from home) 8/7/12


"Well, here I am at Teen Treks headquarters in Buffalo, NY! Today, Jacob and I left the group to get to Buffalo a little earlier to ensure that I won’t miss my flight to Atlanta. The rest of the group is off at Niagara Falls right now, and coming here to Buffalo tonight. Recently, we have been stopping at Tim Hortons a lot...(3 times in 24 hours) to enjoy such things as breakfast, coffee, and of course numerous donuts. This is our 13th state out of 13!! Only 350 miles to the big NYC to finish off the trip! We’ve hit both hot and rainy weather in Canada, but now it is just a nice, sunny day in the United States. Thankfully, there are still Tim Hortons in Buffalo.” – Bryson, Teen Trekker
Bryson is leaving the trip for a day to fly to Atlanta and back to take care of some business for his upcoming year in France! The rest of the group is going to be giving those feet a break as they explore the many cool things Buffalo, NY has to offer!

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