Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Almost There!

I was overwhelmed with joy when I went flying down a hill and could see Niagra Falls. It had been a long 3 days as I made my way through Canada. It was very flat and there was a lot of corn fields everywhere. I was very excited to see the Falls and was amazed by how beautiful they are. I spent a few hours at Niagra. We had a picnic on the grass, looked at the falls, and then people watched for an hour or so. It was really interesting to hear all the different languages, I was shocked by how many people from around the world were at Niagra Falls. We then left Canada on the bridge, which was a lot of fun because we just weaved our bikes through the cars. The cars must have been waiting for hours, but it only took us ten minutes, the perks of biking.

We were then greeted in Buffalo, New York by the director of Teen Treks himself, Cliff. He made a wonderful dinner for us, chicken and pasta, topped off by a delicious chocolate cake made by his wife Carol. We made it to our hostel just before the doors were closing. I have really began to enjoy hostels. At first the idea of a hostel was a little forgein, but they are actually really cool. People from all over stay in them, they are cheap, usually really well decorated, and give off an awesome vibe. The Buffalo International Hostel, made me feel like I was back in school.

I am still surprised everytime I look at a map and see how far I have come. I feel like a new person everytime I make it across another state. Each state has presented different obstacles and I have been challenged physically and mentally. I can't wait to make it to New York City and take a deep sighing relief breath. I imagine the grin I will have when for the first time I can say "I have biked across America."

Well I am off to the City. We have six days to get there and we plan on taking our time. Please keep donating and spreading the word. There are only 8 days left to reach my $10,000 goal.


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  1. Hi Kennedy,
    I can see you in my minds eye and you look like the happiest girl on the planet.
    Love, Gram Pat