Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day Two

Total Miles = 30
We woke up today and were all really excited for our first training ride. We were going to go see the “big rock.” The girls made breakfast (I was beginning to think the boys had never cooked before). Jackie and I mainly made the pancakes, Kiana, well she tried to help. Once breakfast was over, we cleaned the kitchen and geared up for our first ride. It was a little gloomy outside so I layered up!

                We began our ride through town practicing the drop system (something we really weren’t that good at). Basically, whenever we turn someone has to say “drop right” or “drop left.” If the person was really far behind someone would have to wait on the corner for the other person to show up before they could turn. Also we signaled whenever we were stopping, to avoid a collision. I would say we were about 20 minutes into our ride when Peter’s bike broke. He had stripped his pedal- I don’t really know what that means, but it was bad because he could barely bike. We finally made it to the big rock! It was really cool. Turns out we were at “Canon Beach.”

                Some of the others were struggling, so Jacob let a few of us go exploring on our own. Kiana, Alex, Peter, and I went biking through “Ecola Park.” It was the most beautiful forest I have ever seen. We also got to go flying downhill which was AWESOME. We started to head back to the hostel and ended up in a cute little town. We stopped for a quick break and bought some delicious fudge. Once we were headed back to the hostel it started pouring rain, we could barely see in front of us. It was really gross because the person in front of you would spray mud up, so I had mud all over me and in my mouth. However, it was a lot of fun. I kept myself entertained by dancing to the beat of “Cupid’s shuffle.” We stopped really quick at the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. Kiana and I learned that shopping with Jacob was going to be difficult; he liked to go for the sales, whereas we just liked to buy the food.

             After a total of 30 exhausting miles of biking we feasted. That night we made pasta, chicken, and salad for dinner. No one really ate the salad, but the pasta and chicken was delicious. We also bought some cake, but once it made it back to the hostel it looked kinda gross (I didn't have any). David finally made it to Oregon so we all got to know him a little better through a game of charades (He laughed a lot so he wasn't very good at it). We talked about our day with “Rose, Bud, Thorn,” which is a good thing that happened, something you are looking forward to, and a bad thing that happened. We took warm showers that night and were off to bed early, eager to start our first actual ride. 

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