Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 6

Total Miles: 60
We woke up after a night of terrible sleep in spandex; needless to say, I am never sleeping in biking shorts again. We ate breakfast at Safeway that morning and enjoyed Starbucks’ coffee. According to my memory, this was THE BEST DAY EVER! We began the morning biking along the highway, but eventually ventured off into a cherry orchard after crossing a terrifying bridge that I walked over. We had some tough climbs due to the hilly terrain, but for the most part I remember smiling up all the hills and soaking up the sun. A few memorable moments of the day included, trying to lick my elbow, flying down a huge hill, Jacob almost getting hit by a semi-truck, stopping at a campground for water/bathroom break/snacks, and then crossing another terrifying bridge.

        This time however, we crossed the bridge into Washington and stopped to eat ice cream and local cherries in Biggs. It was the best snack, especially since we only had to go downhill for a ways, and then were at our stop for the night, small town, Rufus. We went downhill for 20 miles and found a great park to sleep in next to a school and a gas station. We made burritos for dinner that night, which I really enjoyed, and then Jacob led a few of us in yoga and abs. That night Kiana and I biked to the gas station, brushed our teeth, and went to the bathroom, then bought milk and cookies. It was really nice to be at camp by 7pm with 60 miles done, it meant we were getting faster. 

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  1. And so the little biker clan went to bed happy, loving their nice baseball field campsite, and blissfully unaware of what they would be greeted by come the following morning....